Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Holidays!

First off, I am very sorry it has taken me so long to blog about my wonderful little family. To get things started, I am finally posting the pictures of our amazing cruise.

As I'm sure you can tell, we had a grand time! I am constantly bugging Brysen when our next cruise will be and where.

We spent Thanksgiving with Brysen's parents in Las Vegas. We woke up early Thursday and set out on our adventure. We got to the hotel, ran around for a bit (Brysen Ginny and I went and played games while Bobby and Ida checked us into the hotel), cleaned up and set out to find our feast. We ended up waiting for two hours to get into the buffet but we had a lot of fun. We found this amazing spray paint artist and watched him create his magic for far too long. Once dinner was over we went back to the hotel and crashed. We were all pretty tired. 

The next day we went shopping and ran around Vegas. It was basically awesome. We also went to a Beatles Tribute Show, which was a lot of fun. I surprised everyone, even myself, with how many songs I knew. Hooray! Then we went back to the hotel after walking the Strip for a few hours and went to bed. The next day we went to St. George where Ginny and Ida took me shopping for several hours. Ginny and I had much fun running around and looking at all sorts of neat things. Then we went and saw the Nativity play at Tuacahn, which was really nice. Then, Sunday morning, we headed back home. 

Then we celebrated my 22nd birthday. I had to work but Brysen bought me roses and then took me out to a fantastic pizza dinner in honor of tradition. I was beyond spoiled and my amazing husband made sure that everything was as close to perfect as it could be for me.

Once my birthday festivities were over we were in Christmas mode. We went shopping for presents, decorations, a tree and all the other things that come with Christmas. I was having the time of my life while Brysen was clutching his wallet to his chest and trying not to cry. 

We went over to my Grandparents for the annual Rushton Christmas Eve Feast, then to my parents house for games and jammies before we headed home. We drank hot chocolate and cider while we watched "The Polar Express", which has to be the greatest Christmas movie ever created. Then we finally went to bed to wake up at 5:20 am to open presents! Once again I was overly spoiled with things from my amazing husband. Brysen seemed to enjoy his gifts as well so I guess we can count our first Christmas as a success. Yay!

Now that Christmas is over Brysen is back at work until the New Year. I'm off work until the 2nd and classes start again on the 7th. The next big adventure in our lives will be finishing signing the paper work for our new house in Layton! I'll post more when that's officially official. 

Happy Holidays!

Brittney & Brysen