Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring Bliss

As mentioned in the last post, Easter was a blast! I went to Thanksgiving Point with the in-laws, celebrated Easter with them and then had a little mini Easter with Brysen. Here are the wonderful pictures of the Spencer Easter Shenanigans that were promised.

 This past Saturday I went to the zoo with the in-laws and it was a blast! I still think that Brysen was just as excited as Holland was, if not more. He was the perfect uncle, catering to Holland’s every whim and making sure she got to see every animal in the zoo. It was rather adorable, not going to lie. 

 Later that night we went to the Drive-In to see The Avengers and John Carter. We went with our really close friends and had a blast! I was only conscious for the first half of the night but I did hear that we had to restart a friends’ car and that I might have whined about it being slightly chilly (which is not true). Unfortunately there were no pictures taken so you won’t be able to partake in the awesomeness that occurred but I’m sure you can imagine what happened when 8 adults get together and act like teenagers.

 That’s all for now people. Hope you have a great life! 

 Brittney & Brysen