Our Engagement Story

Everyone knows how much I hate surprises because I have to know what's going on every second of every day, meaning I have no patience. Everyone also knows how much Brysen likes to tease me and surprise me. So naturally, Brysen surprised me with our engagement but not before I had almost ruined everything.  

Brysen and I had been planning our wedding for about a month and a half, even though I didn’t have my ring. This was not Brittney going crazy-psycho-girlfriend on Brysen and forcing him into marrying me. The jewelers Brysen decided to go through were having a difficult time understanding exactly what Brysen wanted for my ring so we decided to go ahead and plan before I had my ring. 

Anyways, I had been getting really anxious about getting my ring before we were actually married and was using every single ounce of self-control I had not to look at Brysen’s email or to call the people who were working on the ring. I had been bugging Brysen daily, almost hourly as to when I would get my ring but he was sneaky and wouldn’t tell me anything other than lies. I did make him promise to give me my ring the day he got it, which he agreed to. But since I am so awesome with patience I almost made him break his promise.

Here is the part where I have to justify everything that happened that night. I had been deathly sick for the past three days (I had even missed work for two whole days) so I was stocked up on flu/strep throat medicine. By the time Tuesday night came around, I was actually feeling like a human again, even if I didn’t sound like one. Brysen had come down to spend some time with me because he loves me like that, and then the plan was to go to the new apartment and move some more of my junk in. I was ready to just go to bed but I wanted to spend more time with Brysen so I had agreed to go to the apartment. 

Unfortunately I had gotten Tia sick as well that week so she was feeling miserable as well. She had asked me to go to the store with her to get a bunch of medicine, blah blah blah, because she has this weird phobia about going to the store by herself. I didn’t want to go to the store with her because I just wanted to curl up and get some sleep. Little did I know Brysen was the one who had put her up to this. Since I refused to go to the store again that day, Brysen decided that the next best thing would be to hide my keys so I couldn’t beat him out to the apartment. 

I eventually found my keys and made my way up to the apartment. When I got there, the door was locked and Brysen wouldn’t answer the door for me. I knew he was there because I could see his car sitting there right in front of me. He eventually called me and told me he had an upset stomach and that he would open the door as soon as he got a chance. So I got to stand outside in the freezing cold while Brysen was nice and warm inside the apartment. 

After what seemed like a hundred and ten years, Brysen finally unlocked the door but he didn’t open it. I just heard the lock and then him running, so naturally I thought he was still having stomach issues. I let myself in and noticed that none of the lights were on and that there was a weird glow coming from the front room. Because I am super smart all the time, I had no idea what was going on and just assumed the power was off and Brysen had lit a few candles so he could see. I took my sweet time taking my coat off, putting my purse away while silently jamming out to the song that was blasting from the next room. 

A normal person would have known what was happening right away and probably would have checked their hair and makeup or something else trivial like that. I just made sure I could still breathe through my nose before I went looking for Brysen. I noticed he was kneeling and I wasn’t too sure why because I was slightly mesmerized by the 60 candles he had everywhere, especially the two rows that lead up to him. Then I noticed he was holding a little box in his hands. It took me a few seconds to figure out what was going on before my brain finally made the connection that Brysen was finally proposing to me! I was able to say yes without sounding like a complete idiot and then he gave me my ring before we did the mushy stuff like kiss and hug and laugh.

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