Monday, August 6, 2012

Magical Moments

Last Friday Brysen and I went on a date. And it was almost magical. He took up to this old but incredibly awesome restaurant called “The Greenery” at the Rainbow Gardens.

It all started when we walked into this little restaurant that was covered in small lights and real trees. We were seated at a cute little table and had half of the restaurant to ourselves. We heard a familiar song playing and were jamming out to it while we were waiting for our appetizers to arrive.

Our nachos were not the typical Chile’s nachos. These were your favorite homemade nachos covered in cheese with some awesome salsa to go with it. Then I looked over and noticed that the song we were listening to was not being played on a radio or a Juke Box. We had a real performer sitting against the wall, playing her piano and singing her heart out.

We started cheering for her to let her know that we appreciated her musical abilities. Apparently she liked our reaction because she came over to us and let us pick some of our favorite songs for her to play. We had some incredible food that tasted just like my mom’s homemade recipes while we laughed and talked. We sang along to the songs we knew and bobbed our heads to the ones we weren’t familiar with.

My favorite part of the night was when Brysen and I stood up to leave and all of a sudden we were dancing to a song. It was a lot of fun spinning and dipping around the tables. The performer started laughing and thanked us for enjoying life and knowing how to have fun.

Once we had paid for dinner we walked around through the rest of the store that looked almost like a museum. There was so much random stuff all over the place and it was super neat to look at. I could have walked through that area for hours just to look at all of that stuff. But alas, we had to head back to my Mother-in-Laws house to get our things and head back to our cute apartment.

I suppose to those who are reading this are thinking, “What makes this date so magical? It’s just another date.” To me it seemed like taking a step back into the past for some reason. Maybe it was a combination of the food and the atmosphere or maybe I’m just crazy. All in all it was probably my most favorite dinner date this whole summer. 

In other news, the annual Adaptive Talent Show is over and I am now enjoying my very last week of camp. I'm ready to start teaching again and to go to school for myself. Oh, and for my cruise that's less than a month away!!!

Brittney & Brysen