Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Month Gone

This past month has been quite busy for the Spencer’s and full of excitement (at least in my opinion, but everything is still new and exciting to me). We have done lots of stuff and nothing all at the same time.
o start things off over the past month, Brysen got not only one but two jobs! Hooray!! He is now a full-time Graphic Designer at the Sugarhouse Awning Company and a part time crew member at the Taco Bell just down the street. He seems to enjoy going to work and not spending his days lounging around on the sofa, even if it does mean getting up early with me. He seems to be enjoying both of his jobs, especially the Graphic Design. He’s still getting the hang of things but his co-workers are apparently really cool and he enjoys what he does.

This month we celebrated our first Easter together as a married couple. I got to go down to Thanksgiving point with my new in-laws and spend the day doing all sorts of fun, exciting Easter-ish activities. We had the traditional Easter Egg Hunt (where I might or might not have proceeded to knock small children over to help Kellan get some eggs), we played in the bounce houses, went on a small (yet fun) carriage ride and watched Holland and Kellan ride the horses.

We went home, dyed our Easter eggs and then the next morning had the family Easter Egg Hunt after church. I have to admit, the whole hunting for eggs idea didn’t thrill me because I didn’t want to walk around like an idiot in front of my new family-even though Brysen had told me I’d already done it hundreds of times before. Anyways, when I realized that we were having our hunt outside and that there was money involved, my outlook quickly changed. Granted it was $2 per egg but to a poor married person, that was a lot! We then enjoyed a fabulous Easter dinner, all courtesy of Ida and then spent the evening outside in the sunshine.

I started to work at the Rec Center again and I’m getting more and more excited for summer to start and for school to end. I’m starting to think that teaching a classroom full of 5th graders borders on cruel and unusual punishment when the sun is shining outside. Who really wants to be inside learning about summarizing and how to multiply lots of boring numbers together when you could be playing outside instead?
Anyways, sorry for such a long (and probably boring) post. I promise to post pictures soon so my blog will hopefully be a bit more exciting to read. Have a wonderful life!

Brittney & Brysen