Sunday, September 23, 2012

Honeymooning Memories

As I'm sure everyone knows, we finally went on our official honeymoon at the beginning of the month. We spent the day before packing and deep cleaning the apartment, which was an adventure even in of itself. Once Brysen was satisfied that I had correctly packed everything I would need and that we had gotten rid of all the food that would have gone bad we decided that we would go out and get some food because neither of us wanted to do any more dishes. 

We watched t.v for a little bit, or at least I tried to. I was too excited to really focus on anything so Brysen ended up giving me an allergy pill so I could actually get some sleep. I woke up at 5:30 to shower and then my mom picked us up by 7 to take us to the airport. I'm a little ashamed to admit that I had never flown before and I was getting more and more nervous by the minute. Thankfully we didn't have a long wait and were soon on our way to Seattle, WA. 

Once we got to Seattle we had a difficult time finding our way to our shuttle because that airport was laid out  oddly and our tickets had absolutely no information on them, but whatever. We finally found out where we supposed to go so I was okay. Then we had to wait for another hour until our shuttle bus came and picked us up. Then we were finally able to head to the ship, where we waited in more lines before we got to board. By this time all I wanted was to get rid of my luggage and eat something. I forgot all about that when we were walking onto the ship though; it was so big and pretty and I got to be lazy on it for an entire week! 

Anyways, to make a very long story short, we spent the first official day at sea, which my body apparently did not like. I was very sea-sick which Brysen thought was rather amusing. I was okay when we were in the channels but being in the open water was not good for my stomach. 

We went to Juneau first and spent about four hours just walking around and seeing all the sights. We went on a tour to see the Mendenhall Glacier, which was gorgeous. We took too many pictures and had too much fun. We got back to the ship tired, hungry and cold but thrilled. We went to one of the restaurants on the ship and made friends with this really neat couple from New York. We spent over two hours talking and telling stories before we finally decided to head out. 

The next day of the cruise we went to Skagway, which was cool but not as exciting. We spent about four hours walking around again and went to a bunch of museums and saw a lot of neat things about the Gold Rush. Once again we had too much fun and were exhausted by the time we got back to the ship. 

We spent an entire day at Glacier Bay, which was absolutely amazing, despite the cold. We got to see chunks of the glaciers fall off and to hear the glacier cracking. We also got to see a bald eagle land on top of one of the glaciers, which Brysen thought was pretty epic. We got to see a bunch of sea otters and a few sea lions as well when we were leaving the bay. We saw two Orca's as well, but not until the last full day of the cruise. 

We spent another day in Ketchikan as well. We decided that we could walk wherever we wanted instead of paying for a tour bus. I'm glad we walked because we were able to see a lot of really neat things that the lazy people missed out on. We went and saw the totem poles and then saw the fish hatchery. The first part was incredible but the second part was a waste of money. We had already seen a bald eagle and we had seen the fish in the stream as we had walked up. Other than that it was a really fun day. We got to know a few of the locals, which was hilarious. We met an elderly man who let me hold his walking stick that had eagle, raven and owl feathers on it for good luck. I didn't get sick that day either so I guess it worked. 

We spent another day in open waters and so I was popping Dramamine like it was candy. I still got sick though and I ended up going to bed early while Brysen went to another show. We ended up eating a lot that day too because bowling was expensive and the rock climbing wall was closed, which left eating and playing Yahtzee all day long. 

We spent our last evening in Victoria, Canada, which was one of my favorites. We didn't dock until 6 pm so we got to see the city all lit up, which I preferred. We walked around some more, found our little souvenirs and took lots of pictures. We both decided that Canada wouldn't be a bad place to live, especially since their money is worth less than ours is now anyways. We got back on the ship about an hour before it was scheduled to leave and went to the chocolate buffet. EVERYTHING was made from chocolate and it was so dang good! We both ate too much and got upset stomachs afterwards but it was totally worth it. Brysen even brought up extra's so we could eat some for breakfast the next morning. 

We ended up hot tubbing every day on the ship and going to a show of some sort. We saw a comedian, a magic comedian, a Second City performing group and Oh, What a Night! My favorites were the Oh, What a Night and the magical comedian; I loved all the songs performed and laughed so hard I cried. We walkad around the deck a lot too and just stared out at the water. 

Sunday morning we were back in Seattle and my wonderful adventure was coming to a close. We hurried and packed, went down to the buffet to get as much breakfast as we could and then left the ship. I was more than a little sad to be leaving but oh well. We spent over 7 hours in the Seattle airport instead of going back into town and playing tourists. We were too poor by the end of the week because we had gotten ourselves at least one souvenir in each port. We played farkle and Yahtzee or I read while Brysen slept. By the end of the day we were glad to be home and to sleep in our own bed. 

My honeymoon might have been late but it was worth the wait. We had such an incredible time together that I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'll be posting the pictures soon so everyone can see the awesomeness that we saw.

Brittney & Brysen