Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years Resolution

This year I originally came up with the resolution to lose weight just like most people. However, after many tried and even more failed attempts to do just this for almost all of 2013 I realized that I needed to come up with a new plan of action. 

On Christmas my mom and three of my four sisters and I were all sitting around on the couch jokingly complaining that we had all eaten too much and were gaining weight from all of the meals and candy we had consumed in the past month. The sad thing? None of us were really joking. 

We came up with this wonderful plan that we would all try to lose the weight together and that we would be one another's support system. We created our own Facebook page and blog. All of us were excited to get started. All of us except me. 

I am the kind of person who needs someone to go to the gym with me to motivate me, to hold my hand as I go through the process of losing weight. Setting a goal is great, but if I don't think I can accomplish the goal then I don't even really start. If I do accomplish my goal then I completely let go and put all the weight back on in half the time it took me to lose it. So when my family and I decided to lose the weight, I honestly wasn't that into it. 

Here was my plan: "I have been too stressed out with work and school which has made it more difficult to lose the weight" or "I have anxiety and depression which makes it more difficult to lose weight". 

Yep. Excuses. I'm ashamed to admit that these thoughts not only crossed my mind but I was already planning on using them. 

And then something strange and wonderful happened. I had a realization as I was sitting and talking with some close friends at a party on New Years Eve.

We were going around and talking about what we wanted to accomplish for 2014, and the most common theme between all of us was to lose weight. And then  Brysen's cousin said something that seemed so obvious to me. He simply said "I want to live healthier." 

Now I know for some people that this might go hand in hand with loosing weight, but that was never the case for me. Sure, the thought had crossed my mind every now and then but I never really realized what it meant. I figured that as long as I was losing the weight then I could still make Brysen take me out to eat several times a week where I could binge and then I would watch what I ate the rest of the time. 

If I can learn to not just go on a diet and then go back to fast food multiple times a week and learn how to eat properly, to find ways to stay more active instead of watching t.v all night and to make it a habit, then not only will the weight stay off but I will be a happier person overall. 

My new resolution is to become a healthier person; losing weight will be an added bonus. 

Now I am much more motivated to lose the weight and to keep eating apples when I am craving french fries. 

Until next time,