Wednesday, February 18, 2015

To Try or Not to Try?

I am amazed at all of the support I have received from so many different people. I was shocked to learn how many other people struggle with infertility as well; it was a relief to learn that I wasn’t the only one who was struggling to get pregnant.

                As I mentioned in my last post, I had tried using a fertility pill to help me get pregnant and it didn’t work. When it came time for us to try the next round with the fertility pill my husband and I had to sit down and have an intense conversation (well, at least intense on my end).

                Life is currently extremely busy for me and my husband. Needless to say, I am very stressed out and occasionally overwhelmed by everything I have going on, especially when you add taking fertility medications that mess with your hormones on top of everything else. We asked ourselves if we wanted to try to have a baby again this month or to wait. Because of how stressed out I have been, my husband and I decided to wait until I was done with school in May to do the next round of the fertility medication.

                Logically I knew that this was a good decision, one that will help me in the long run. However, I couldn’t (and still can’t) get my emotions to understand this logic. When the day came and passed when we were supposed to start the next round of medications I felt ANGRY. I was ridiculously upset, hurt, and emotional. I lashed out at my husband, blaming him. It took me a few days to calm down and to realize why I was so angry.

                I felt like I had betrayed my husband, both of our parents and families by not trying to have a baby this month. However, I felt like I had betrayed my future children by not giving them a chance to come and join our family. I feel selfish for focusing on myself and trying to get done with school. I cried for days thinking about how it was my fault that I wasn’t doing everything I could to try to have a baby. While some days are better than others, I still dwell on the fact that I didn’t take the medication. I hurt when I think about the family we could have but I’m not doing what I need to in order to have a baby.  

                Sometimes I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel. I don’t know if I need to feel angry, hurt and bitter because I can’t get pregnant. I don’t know if I need to feel guilty for not trying to get pregnant this month. I don’t know if I need to feel at peace with the decision to wait until I’m done with school to keep trying. I have all of these emotions plus some I can’t even begin to describe.

                Struggling with fertility is hard, especially emotionally. I didn’t know that I would feel so many different things all at once when I first talked with my OB. Good thing my husband still loves me despite all of my crazy emotions! :) I am just taking it one day at a time, trying to understand my emotions and to cope with them. That’s all I can do for now.


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